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Atmosphere Anatomies: Body as Parameter for Climate Design | CVSZ No.81 Air Politics Series No.02

CVSZ总第81期 空气政治 系列论坛 第2期 解剖大气----身体作为气象设计中的生理传感器

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Atmosphere Anatomies: Body as Parameter for Climate Design | CVSZ No.81   Air Politics Series No.02
Atmosphere Anatomies: Body as Parameter for Climate Design | CVSZ No.81   Air Politics Series No.02

Time & Location

Jun 26, 2021, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM GMT+2

Zoom Meeting

About the Event

CVSZ No.81

Air Politics Series No.02

Atmosphere Anatomies: Body as Parameter for Climate Design

Co-organizer: Design Society x CVSZ

Host: Yixuan Cai

Guest Speaker: Silvia Benedito, Zherui Wang

Planning/Text: Daedalus Guoning Li


June. 26th (Saturday)

Central European Time: 14:00-16:00

Beijing Time 20:00-22:00


ZOOM Conference

Meeting ID: 972 9274 7221

Passcode: BYRZ8j

Air Politics Series Public Program:

The series is extended from the exhibition “Vibrating Clouds”, aiming to bring topics to different cities through various forms such as forums, screenings and workshops. The series is devised through a set of subtopics, from meteorological design, climate engineering under machine vision, energy cycle and geopolitics, to QiWu (various forms of Tao).

Exhibition: Vibrating Clouds

Panel Synopsis:

Architectural Designer and researcher Zherui Wang forecasts a dystopian narrative in the face of atmospheric degradation in urban centers: human beings live in a heavily polluted atmosphere where air has become unbreathable. Therefore, he designed a Baleencoat, which filters air pollutants when activated. If public policies alone can’t resolve the crisis, it rests upon human capital to confront environmental change through the agency of design to extend human survival.

The speculative design raises a question: though modern architecture and environment management technology are like layers of skins wrapping around us, the body is still the frontline against atmospheric crisis.

Some of the most important population migration and production activities in human history are affected by climate change. About 12,000 years ago, agriculture started as the temperature gradually increased in the Neolithic period. When temperature dropped during the Little Ice Age, Norwegian moved south to Copenhagen, the British migrated to the Bordeaux region, which indirectly caused the hundred years of war between Britain and France. During the fourth Little Ice Age in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, drastic drop in temperature caused drought in the north and food production reduction, resulting in severe social turmoil and warfare for decades….. We are accustomed to perceive the world from economic, political, and cultural perspectives, but forget that the relationship between humans and the world is based on “materials”. Our climatic needs are the most basic “physiological”needs.

How will the human body, collective and individual, cope with the estimated increases in global air temperatures and in the earth’s corresponding thermal stress? Silvia Benedito’s newly released book Atmosphere Anatomies: On Design, Weather, and Sensation offers an in-depth examination of design strategies that situate the body and its bioclimatic milieu at the core of their spatial formation. Drawing upon ten paradigmatic projects in urban design and landscape architecture – from Rousham Gardens, Oxfordshire, to the city of Chandigarh in India – the book investigates the designers’ bioclimatic aims and their spatial outcomes.

This dialogue is organized by the exhibition team of Design Society "Vibrating Clouds". The curator Cai Yixuan will start from the exhibition and introduce the relationship between the atmosphere and the human body. We invited architect Silvia Benedito to talk about her new book, "Atmosphere Anatomies: On Design, Weather, and Sensation", on how to treat the weather and atmosphere as the basic components of space. Through a series of precedents, she will explore and discuss with us why climate and atmosphere are an indispensable part of individual and collective experience. We also invited architect Wang Zherui. He will focus on his work "Climate as a medium" to explain how he explores the issues of environmental uncertainties through design, research and making, and creating speculative designs for the existing environmental crisis.

Guest Speaker Introduction

Silvia Benedito

Sílvia Benedito is a Design Critic in Landscape Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Sensory Media Platform at the GSD. Benedito's research and practice are focused on the role of atmosphere—the meteorological envelope and space for sensory acquisition—in the built environment.

Benedito received a degree in Architecture from the University of Coimbra, a degree in Music from the Conservatory of Coimbra, and a master’s degree in Urban Design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. As former Senior Associate at James Corner Field Operations (NYC), where she led many public and private urban design and small-scale public projects. Benedito is the co-principal of OFICINAA, an architecture, landscape and urban design practice based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Ingolstadt, Germany. Benedito was also the cofounder of Home-Room, a “saloon” space in Lower Manhattan for artists and designers to present their work, research and ideas publicly.

Zherui Wang

Zherui Wang is [pron. zee-ray] a New York based designer and researcher. His works explore the issues of environmental uncertainties through design, research and making; and have been exhibited and featured in New York, Toronto, Shenzhen, and Buffalo, NY.

Wang has taught design studios and seminars at the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Pratt Institute and the University at Buffalo; and has contributed to the design and research endeavours at various offices and institutions, including Barkow Leibinger, Princeton Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, and Columbia C-lab. He is the 2020-21 Peter Reyner Banham Fellow at SUNY Buffalo.

Wang holds a BArch from Pratt Institute, a post-professional MArch and Media+Modernity Certificate from Princeton University, where he was awarded the Lee & Norman Rosenfeld Award and the Suzanne Kolarik Underwood Prize.


空气政治 系列论坛 第2期


主持人: 蔡艺璇

嘉宾: 王哲睿 × Silvia Benedito







ZOOM Conference

Meeting ID: 972 9274 7221

Passcode: BYRZ8j


设计互联 x CVSZ








与此同时,环境也牵扯着隐晦的生理及情绪变化:“不管我们喜欢与否,我们都是各种形式、颜色、空间环境的奴隶,是天空和大地的臣民。阴雨连绵时候的情绪,和清空万里时候的情绪截然不同。在湿气重的日子里,人会感到心情忧郁;也因雷电可以增加大气中的负离子,暴雨前的人们通常会异常活跃和兴奋。” (Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet)



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