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Design Society Exhibition

Vibrating Clouds


A conversation between meteorology, architecture and art.

The exhibition Vibrating Clouds curated by Yixuan Cai, the winner of the Design Society Curator award, opens on April 30 at the Park View Gallery of the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shekou, China. 12 participating artists, architects, scholars and musicians come from seven countries: Argentina, Finland, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand and China, presenting 12 pieces (groups) of works from multiple dimensions of meteorological science, artistic perception, and architectural design.

The exhibition receives sounding response from audience, with more than 10,000 visitors per month. It is also widely reported by the Paper (澎湃),Wallpaper(China Version),ArtChina(艺术当代),LOHAS(乐活)and etc. Varied public programs are co-host with CAFA School of Design, Chronus Art Center, Goethe Institute, JiaZaZhi and etc.

06. Dance.gif

创意视频  Creative video

Curator: Yixuan Cai

Participants: Abelardo Gil-Fournier、Diller Scofidio + Renfro、Janine Randerson 、Jussi Parikka、Karolina Sobecka、Lei Sun、Philippe Rahm architectes、Tomas Saraceno、Xiaoxiao Zhao、Yiyuan Liang、Zelin Huang、Zherui Wang

Venue: Design Society (Sea World Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen, China)

Duration: April.30th - September. 21th

Curatorial Statement




空气作为流转于自然与人工两种系统之间的介质,是滤器也是容器,参与到了 、人工生产和生命活动的各个维度之中。人类与空气的关系,也是一种心理的、文化的以及技术的建构。


—  策展人 蔡艺璇

Despite being amorphous, air carries humidity, temperature, clouds, wind, lightning, radio waves, birds, pollutants, and dust. Air percolates through both the living and inanimate, buildings and mountains, spatial and virtual; binding the environments that we all breathe together. Synonymous with mobility, intimacy, sharing, and freedom, air sits in contrast with the trends of a world gripped by a pandemic; one of control, distance, global protectionism, and digital tracking.


As an open, public interface that flows freely across biospheres and boundaries, air is frequently appropriated by digital and capital-driven processes. Fossil fuel-based industries transform the atmosphere from natural to artificial; electromagnetic waves envelope the Earth; digital model builds infinite nature into a finite world of knowledge. In response, “Vibrating Clouds” raises a series of questions: how can we co-exist with a medium as intimate yet uncontrollable as air? How can designers intervene in the realms of climate regulation and space? How can we mediate between vastly opposing scales, from planetary computations to individual sensations?

The space from terrene to ether is not empty. Rather, it is full of vibrations from natural phenomenon and artificial infrastructure; from water vapor to cosmic rays, from humming drones to 5G signals, from aerial operations to communication flows. The “Cloud Platform” is in fact analogous to a “Cloud”. From physical space to virtual platform, the network expands ourselves into multiple terminals and databases. Our perception of these invisible surroundings also relies on artificial viewpoints. It is only when we can look back at the Earth from outer space that the atmosphere becomes a tangible, recognizable entity. In this new paradigm, to occupy clouds and cloud platforms is as familiar as occupying the land and self.


Yixuan Cai

01. Janine Randerson《云的反射率》《气的化石》.jpg
14.记忆理想与假设 卓泓铎@DUO建筑影像 调色.jpg


Exhibition  Overview 

03. Sentient Clouds 2.gif
Art and Design Works

Participants & Art and Design Works

Abelardo Gil-Fournier、Diller Scofidio + Renfro、Janine Randerson 、Jussi Parikka、Karolina Sobecka、Lei Sun、Philippe Rahm architectes、Tomas Saraceno、Xiaoxiao Zhao、Yiyuan Liang、Zelin Huang、Zherui Wang


Public Programs



The Politics of Atmosphere Triggered by Electromagnetic Waves

Panelists: Han Tao, Zhao Xiaoxiao, Liu Xin, Cai Yixuan




Atmosphere Anatomies:

Body as Parameter in Climate Design

Panelists: Silvia Benedito, Wang Zherui



Atmosphere Architect_POSTER Final.png

Atmosphere Architect: Philippe Rahm

Panelist: Philippe Rahm

​大气建筑师:菲利普 · 朗恩

​嘉宾:菲利普 · 朗恩



Meteorology Archaeology: Glaciers and Volcanoes - Witnesses of Geological History and the Rise and Fall of Civilization

Panelists: Chen Haishu, Janine Randerson

考古气象:冰川与火山 -- 地质历史及文明兴衰的见证者



Wind, Seed, Thermodynamics and Atmospheric Control Experiments

Panelists: Abelardo Gil-Founier、Yuriko Furuhata、Li Linxue


​嘉宾:阿维拉多 吉尔-福尼尔、古畑百合子、李麟学

Exhibition Review

The Paper

​read article


​read article


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​read article

Above the Clouds












Curatorial and Research Team: Conversazione

Project Manager and Public Relations: Pan Jinxin; Researcher: Cao Xuefei, Chen Silui; Media Coordinator: Xu Di; Curator Assistant: Daedalus Li Guoning, Weng Jingyan, Xiao Yaxi, Zhang Ruiqi

Design Team:

Exhibition Designer: Zhao Xiaoxiao; Design Assistant: Li Sihan, Luo Sen, Nie Zilun; Graphic Design: POCCA; Graphic Design Assistant: Shi Jing

Design Society Teams:

Director: Zhao Rong; Brand Director: Gu Ling; Curator: Tang Siyun; Curator Assistant: Zhang Rui, Chen Pei; Exhibition Manager: Zhou Chenchen; Exhibition Assistant: Pan Xuan

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