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Atmosphere Architect: Philippe Rahm | Exhibition Vibrating Cloud "Air Politics" Series No.03

大气建筑师:Philippe Rahm | 展览“振动的云层” 空气政治 系列 No.03

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Atmosphere Architect: Philippe Rahm | Exhibition Vibrating Cloud "Air Politics" Series No.03
Atmosphere Architect: Philippe Rahm | Exhibition Vibrating Cloud "Air Politics" Series No.03

Time & Location

2021年7月03日 16:00 – GMT+2 17:30

Online Event

About the Event

CVSZ No. 82

Air Politics Series No.03

Atmosphere Architect: Philippe Rahm

Guest Speaker: Philippe Rahm

Host: Jingru Cheng

Co-organizer: Design Society x CVSZ x Wallpaper

Media Partner: Archipelago


July. 3rd (Saturday)

Central European Time: 14:00-15:30

Beijing Time 20:00-21:30


Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 940 8607 7686 Passcode: 20210703

Air Politics Series Public Program:

The series is extended from the exhibition “Vibrating Clouds”, aiming to bring topics to different cities through various forms such as forums, screenings and workshops. The series is devised through a set of subtopics, from meteorological design, climate engineering under machine vision, energy cycle and geopolitics, to QiWu (various forms of Tao).

Exhibition: Vibrating Clouds

Lecture Introduction: 

Architecture is the art of building climates.

The object of architecture is space, that which is subtracted from the general space of the earth's atmosphere, which we are going to contain between 4 walls, a floor and a ceiling, because only in this way, only by confining a certain volume of air, will we be able to modify the physical characteristics of the air (temperature, hygrometry, speed, nature of gases) and light (visible light, infrared, ionising and non-ionising radiation) in order to make this space habitable for man, when all around the natural space is too hot or too cold, rainy or snowy, too humid, too sunny or too dark, i.e. uninhabitable.

Man inhabits the invisibility of the air and not the visibility of the walls.

The purpose of architecture is the hollow of the space we enter and not the full extent of the walls which remains inaccessible to us.

Through art, architecture modifies a portion of the natural climate, watering down a certain amount of the earth's atmosphere, anthropizing a natural space.

The raison d'être of architecture is to make a climate artificially habitable when this climate is naturally uninhabitable by man.

The mission of architecture is to modify the physical parameters of this climate to make it habitable for man.

The whole art of architecture is to elaborate thermal, hygrometric, chemical and electromagnetic measurements.

--- "What is Metereological Architecture" Philippe Rahm

Guest Speaker: Philippe Rahm

Philippe Rahm is a swiss architect, principal in the office of “Philippe Rahm architectes”, based in Paris, France. His work, which extends the field of architecture from the physiological to the meteorological, has received an international audience in the context of sustainability. His recent work includes the first prize for the Farini competition (60 ha) in Milan in 2019, the 70 hectares Central Park in Taichung, Taiwan, completed in December 2020, the Agora of the French National Radio in Paris, a 2700 m2 Exhibition architecture for Luma Foundation in Arles, France. He has held professorships at GSD Harvard University, Columbia, Cornell or Princeton Universities. He is a tenured associate professor at the National Superior School of Architecture in Versailles, France (ENSA-V). His work has been exhibited in 2017 at the Chicago and Seoul Architecture Biennales.

Host Introduction: Jingru Cheng

Jingru (Cyan) Cheng is a transdisciplinary design researcher, whose practice does not dwell on a defined subject matter, but rather meandering through architecture, anthropology and art. The wide-ranging themes include, non-canonical histories and socio-spatial models, diverse ways of cultural knowing and being, aesthetic agency, and modes of co-existence and affinity between human and non-human. Cyan’s work received commendations by the RIBA President’s Awards for Research from the Royal Institute of British Architects, in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

空气政治 系列论坛 第3期

大气建筑师:Philippe RahmAtmospehre Architect 嘉宾: Philippe Rahm

主持人: 程婧如

联合主办单位: 设计互联 x 卷宗Wallpaper x CVSZ

媒体合作: 群岛BOOKS





线上地点Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 972 9274 7221 Passcode: BYRZ8j



“我认为,建筑的真正目标不是可见的,它不是雕塑、不是物体、不是结构,而是内部,是空间和空间之间的化学品质,是热、湿度、气体和光。”——Philippe Rahm

“我们居住在不可见的气候中,而非可见的实体墙壁中。” 瑞士建筑师Philippe Rahm因此提出了气象建筑学:“建筑是营造气候的艺术”。由此也引发了建筑本体,以及设计模式的转变:我们不再使用几何、形态、点线面的组合,构成建筑的条件变为对流、传导、蒸发、压力、辐射……等气象条件。建筑师必须绘制气候,而非几何形态:使结构蒸发、使墙壁和天花板升华、从固态转变为气态,制造空间和光——气态的建筑、瓦解的建筑、蒸发的建筑。此次对话将会介绍他最近在台湾刚刚落成的项目清翠园(Jade Eco Park),他的项目还包括根据气候条件而设计的生活空间“蒸发室”、“室内天文学”, 以及更大尺度的“蒸发式建筑”、“对流房屋”以及“气象博物馆”等等。

嘉宾介绍:Philippe Rahm

瑞士建筑师,法国巴黎菲利普朗恩建筑事务所(Philippe Rahm architectes) 主持建筑师。其实践致力于将建筑设计拓展至生理学与气象学领域。2002年,Philippe Rahm代表瑞士参加了第8届威尼斯双年展,并于该展中名列“二十五位宣言建筑师”之一。2009年获选提名中国“鄂尔多斯奖”。他的作品曾展出于众多国际化美术馆,包括法国奥尔良建筑实验室、旧金山现代艺术博物馆、巴黎蓬皮杜艺术中心、第七届欧洲艺术宣言展、纽约古根汉美术馆,等。他的代表作品包括台中清翠园、德国汉堡IBA对流公寓、2009年巴黎大皇宫中名为”白色地质学”的当代艺术舞台设计等。


跨界设计研究者。现为英国皇家艺术学院 (RCA) 建筑第七工作室联合主持导师、博士生导师;英国建筑联盟学院(AA) 设计博士 (PhD by Design)。她的设计研究实践不限于学科/议题/对象的框架,跨越建筑学、人类学与视觉艺术;涉及中国乡村性、家庭性与集体性,同时探索长卷立论与美学能动性,以及气候危机下人类与非人类的共生模式与亲和关系。于2020与2018两次获得英国皇家建筑师学会 (RIBA) 研究主席奖。作品展出于2020-21 “临界区:地球政治的观测站”(布鲁诺·拉图尔策展,德国卡尔斯鲁厄艺术与媒体中心),2019首尔城市建筑双年展,2018威尼斯双年展,等等。

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