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Dedicated to an Online Archive of Critical Discourse on Contemporary Chinese Art, Design and Cultural Phenomenon

Dedicated to cross-disciplinary conversations, innovative works , and critical issues, our curatorial projects focus on aspects including geopolitics and eco-design, film and ethnography, space and theatre, performance and interactivity, technology and globalization, as well as contemporary Chinese cultural phenomenon.



As an Art Collective, we work as  an artist/designer/performer ensemble and continue to present our productions by organizing workshops, experimental devise theatre rehearsals, social practice and participatory art programs. 

Upcoming & Past Events

  • Sat, Dec 05
    Voov meeting, BiliBili, Youtube
    Shamanism, as Passage to Re-interpret history, nation, civilization and power structure | Winter online panel Issue9
  • Sat, Nov 28
    Voov meeting, Youtube channel , BiliBili
    Air Politics: the Breath that Goes Through Body, Space and Territory, and its Remediation | Winter online panel Issue8
  • Sat, Nov 21
    Voov Meeting, Youtube Chanel, BiliBili
    Media Geology: Logistics, International Strategies and Remote Sensing | Winter Season online panel Issue7
    地质媒介: 物流、国际战略与远地遥感
  • Fri, Nov 20
    Voov Meeting, Youtube Chanel, BiliBili
    Botany, Poetics and Politics of Urban Space | Winter Season online panel Issue 6
  • Sun, Jul 19
    Zoom Meeting
    Documentary : An Attempt at Renaming
  • Sun, Jul 05
    Issue 72 | Collective Narratives: The Narrator And His/Her Texts
  • Sun, Jun 21
    Voov Meeting 腾讯会议
    Issue 71 | In the Realm of the Senses: Sensation, Desire, and Sexual Affect
    第71期 | 感官世界:被知觉裹挟的欲望
  • Sun, Jun 07
    Tencent Meeting
    Issue 70 | Re-Enactment: a Reflection on After-effects
  • Sun, May 24
    Zoom Conference
    Issue 69 | The Unstable Archive: Imagining History, Nation, and Future
    第69期 | 不稳定的档案:历史、国族和未来的想象
  • Sat, Apr 04
    Zoom Conference
    Countryside: Global vs. Local Territory, Architectural vs. Social Practice | Panel Discussion
    乡村建设:从全球性到地方性,从建造实践到社会实践 | CVSZ第66期
  • Sun, Mar 15
    Zoom Conference
    Issue 64 | Infrastructure under Blockchain: Field Investigation on Mining and Urban Upgrading
    第64期专题 | 区块链下的基础设施:田野币矿与都市升维
  • Sun, Feb 23
    Michiko Studio, 3rd Floor
    CVSZ Issue 63 | African in Guangzhou: Immigration, Globalization & Factory
  • Sat, Nov 23
    Sheen Center
    Issue 61 Why Theatre, Then: Thoughts on Experimental Theatre Making
    第61期| 何为剧场 ——关于实验戏剧创作的十日谈

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