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Dedicated to cross-disciplinary conversations, innovative works , and critical issues, our curatorial projects focus on aspects including geopolitics and human rights, film and ethnography, space and theatre, performance and interactivity, technology and globalization, as well as contemporary Chinese cultural phenomenon.



As an Art Collective, we work as  performance ensemble and continue to present our productions by organizing workshops, experimental devise theatre rehearsals, and participatory art programs. 

Upcoming & Past Events

Sun, Jul 19
Zoom Meeting
Documentary : An Attempt at Renaming
Sun, Jul 05
Issue 72 | Collective Narratives: The Narrator And His/Her Texts
Sun, Jun 21
Voov Meeting 腾讯会议
Issue 71 | In the Realm of the Senses: Sensation, Desire, and Sexual Affect
第71期 | 感官世界:被知觉裹挟的欲望
Sun, Jun 07
Tencent Meeting
Issue 70 | Re-Enactment: a Reflection on After-effects
Sun, May 24
Zoom Conference
Issue 69 | The Unstable Archive: Imagining History, Nation, and Future
第69期 | 不稳定的档案:历史、国族和未来的想象
Sat, Apr 04
Zoom Conference
Countryside: Global vs. Local Territory, Architectural vs. Social Practice | Panel Discussion
乡村建设:从全球性到地方性,从建造实践到社会实践 | CVSZ第66期
Sun, Mar 15
Zoom Conference
Issue 64 | Infrastructure under Blockchain: Field Investigation on Mining and Urban Upgrading
第64期专题 | 区块链下的基础设施:田野币矿与都市升维
Sun, Feb 23
Michiko Studio, 3rd Floor
CVSZ Issue 63 | African in Guangzhou: Immigration, Globalization & Factory
Sat, Nov 23
Sheen Center
Issue 61 Why Theatre, Then: Thoughts on Experimental Theatre Making
第61期| 何为剧场 ——关于实验戏剧创作的十日谈

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